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International sea freight services is one of the main activities of the company "Armada South.
More than 80% of the world's cargo is carried by sea, because it is shipping
allow you to deliver your cargo in any area of the world with maximum safety and at low prices.

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The concept of multimodal cargo transportation consists in different types of carriers for cargo to deliver. The most widespread scheme of such transportations is the combined use of sea, river, railway and auto carriers for delivering cargoes to recipients. Nowadays multimodal cargo transportation is the most convenient and common way of transportation on long distances. International multimodal cargo transportation allows to deliver operatively the cargo in any point of the world with reduced costs.

Our company takes the leading positions in the market of logistic services for more than 6 years. We work with such container operators as: MAERSK, CMA-CGM, MSC, CSAV NORASIA, G6, etc. Also "Armada Yug " LLC cooperates with port of Odessa, port of Ilyichevsk, port of Youzhny.

We provide full complex of transport services at the territory of Ukraine and abroad.Мультимодальные перевозки4


Ukrainian logistics company - "Armada Yug " LLC offers full range of services in sphere of lumber transportation in bulk or containers and offers the following:

  • Reception of wagons/vehicles with lumber.
  • Lumber loading into containers;
  • Fumigation services;
  • Dispatching of loaded containers on vehicles;
  • Delivering of loaded containers to port facilities;
  • Preparation of export sanitary certificates
  • Radiological research of goods, preparation of ecological declaration;
  • Custom cleaning procedures;
  • Port forwarding and ship’s dispatch adjustment;
  • Lumber lading at the port site;
  • Sea freight up to end port of destination;

Nowadays Ukraine takes its stable position in the market of container shipping. Such type of cargo transportation is very popular and effective especially when it is necessary to accomplish multimodal transportation. In case of using container shipping for cargo in mixed/multimodal transportations it significantly decreases costs, delays and cargo’s storage time. Because of above said this kind of shipping makes delivery efficient and profitable.
Preferences of container shipment by lots of 25t -15000t:

  • Relatively low costs;
  • Freezing of circulating assets is reduced to minimum;
  • Risks of good’s losses is reduced to minimum, costs of loading/unloading procedures is reduced;
  • Expansion of market outlets thanks to possibility of delivering goods by “door to door” system;
  • Traffic transparency through the whole chain of delivery;
  • Constant service and control after the cargo.

Transportation of such goods has a lot of particularities. First of all it is necessary to obtain certificate of quality on each batch before shipment. In the second place it is necessary to use special tanks for safety of cereal crops and also there are many more additional aspects to be taken into account.
That’s why "Armada Yug " LLC offers entire spectrum of services connected with container shipping of cereal crops and offers:

  • Reception of wagons/vehicles with grain.
  • Feeding-harvesting, maneuver services/positioning trucks on ramp;
  • Discharge of wagons/trucks;
  • Equipping containers with wooden shields for crop protection;
  • Container’s stowage;
  • Weighting of wagons/trucks;
  • Dispatching of loaded containers on vehicles;
  • Delivering of loaded containers to port facilities;
  • Port formalities adjustments;
  • Preparation of export sanitary certificates;
  • Radiological research of goods, preparation of ecological declaration;
  • Preparation of veterinary certificates;
  • Issuing of customs cargo clearance form (CCF);
  • Port forwarding and ship’s dispatch adjustment;

"Armada Yug " LLC is a well-known, reliable company involved in sphere of forwarding and logistics services in Ukraine.

Forwarding process is a complicated phenomenon and consists of huge numbers of different operations and adjustments. Each separate operation of transport services compound in whole complex of offers from forwarding company to its client.

That is why "Armada Yug " LLC offers full spectrum of forwarding services. We offer complete procedure of cargo delivery: preparations for dispatch, loading trucks, transfer from one type of vehicle to another (if necessary), goods storing at specialized warehouses.

Our company will free you from all of your cares connected with adjustment of shipment as we are offering wide range of import-export forwarding services, custom cleaning procedures, solve formalities bounded with cargo dispatch in the biggest ports of Ukraine (port of Odessa, port of Ilyichevsk, port of Youzhny, etc.)

Choosing our forwarding services means convenience, reliability and profit for our clients.


In consideration of cargo’s type, custom conditions, geographic point of shipment, conditions of storage and handling our specialists will choose most optimal warehouse.

"Armada Yug " LLC has necessary warehouses for proper cargo’s storage in Odessa and Ilyichevsk directly to the port’s site.

At the storage places we can offer:

  • Cargo’s reception, following cargo’s transfer on any kind of transport;
  • Accumulation, storing, grading any type of goods.

For many years “Armada Yug“ LLC is famous as a leading Ukrainian’s company in sphere of forwarding and shipping services! We’ve recommended ourselves as a reliable, respectable and efficient partner.

Our company offers wide spectrum of services concerning adjustment of different documentation for most types of domestic/foreign vegetable goods in a strict order of local legislation.

Certification process can be organized by us directly at the port’s site, at elevators or fat-and-oil enterprises as we are always ready to offer you the most convenient way of solving questions connected with vegetable goods inspection certification all over Ukraine.

We organize and conduct fumigation services of goods (wood, tare, etc.) by methyl-bromide solution like the only one allowed by Ukrainian’s legislation (registration 12.09.21 #6586).


Nowadays the fastest type of cargo’s delivery is transportation by air. Such type of transportation is the most valuable and essential when it is necessary to deliver expensive or perishable goods. Forwarding and shipping company - “Armada Yug“LLC accomplish transportation by air all over the territory of Ukraine and abroad. If you take advantage of our services you’ll open for yourself experienced staff, constant cargo tracking and control via all the delivery chain.


When you conduct import/export operations always facing with troubles bounded with custom cleaning procedures.
To avoid such obstacles and save time it is necessary to know all the shades and shoals of local legislation system.
That is why “Armada Yug“LLC has qualified and professional staff that faces with such procedures everyday and solves them in shortest terms.
Our service of a custom broker includes:

  • Avowal of any cargo heading by any transport;
  • Accreditation of FEA parties at local custom office;
  • Customs legislation consultations;
  • Examination of all the customs rates and permit documentation;
  • Total calculation of all necessary payment procedures connected with forming of customs’ costs, transportation charges and insurance payments;
  • Commodity FEA lists browsing with receiving of complete information about it.

Procedure of port forwarding in Ukraine has its own unique specific ties with port formalities adjustment and forwarding.
Special team of forwarding agents and round-the-clock working offices at the port site will ensure operative inner port forwarding and necessary document’s adjustments.

Complex of our services in sphere of forwarding

  • Cargo’s transportation by auto or railway carriages all over Ukraine, CIS, Europe;
  • Organization of shipping;
  • Transit and accompanying documents adjustments;
  • Customs formalities adjustments;
  • Cargo handling facilities, storage services;
  • Railway transportations;
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